Finding the right balance

For Infrastructure and Utility companies, public or private, large or small, asset reliability is taking center stage. Faced with the dual squeeze of tighter budgets and higher expectations in terms of reliability, safety and availability, finding the right balance between those challenges is crucial. Long-term, strategic asset management helps you to establish this balance.

Marcel Morsing, VP Infrastructure & Utilities

Getting the highest value out of your assets against optimal costs: that is what Optimizer+ enables you to do. Our smart software solution creates the real-time insights you need to gain full control over your assets and make the right decisions – every time.

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Full control over your assets

When it comes to rising costs, budgetary constraints, increasing regulatory pressure and a shortage of skilled employees, we recognize the challenges you face. We realize that the assets required to produce and deliver electricity, natural gas and drinking water are expensive to build and maintain. Clearly, contracts and tenders are becoming more and more complex. We know that the operation and upkeep of for instance rail networks, port terminals, wastewater treatment, but also hospitals, data centers and cleanrooms can only succeed with effective and efficient asset management. It involves data management of unprecedented quality, and an explicit understanding of how your assets contribute to achieving your goals.


The ideal software solution to increase your efficiency

Optimizer+ is a powerful Asset Performance Management solution, complimentary to your EAM system. It enables you to predict and prevent failures, so you can get the most out of your assets. Optimizer+ supports your business objectives such as production optimization, safety, quality and cost control, while dealing effectively with compliance issues and environmental care. It allows for the creation of the most effective maintenance strategy, in record time. The software helps to structure your management by gaining efficiency and storing your asset data in a way that enables the use and re-use of vital information. It enables much better decision-making, allowing you to simulate and compare different scenarios. That way, you can work out the best maintenance strategy and work toward zero incidents. Optimizer+: the ideal solution to increase efficiency in the Infrastructure and Utilities industry.

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