Predictive Modeling

Simulation and optimization

The Predictive Modeling module of Optimizer+ gives you the opportunity to build and calculate different business scenarios with predictive analytics. It is an advanced quantitative strategy model and simulation for assets, systems and units. This will help you to optimize your APM strategy over the life cycle of your assets.

One of the keys to corporate success is insight in the total costs of asset ownership. This Predictive Modeling module allows decision-making by confidently predicting the consequences of asset-related actions in terms of risk costs and performance. Calculating the effects of multiple maintenance scenarios provides you with the knowledge for well-founded and data-driven decisions. The freedom to model different strategies allows accurate projections of the necessary resources for planned and unplanned corrections, either by fixed or variable cost. Predictive Modeling can also be applied for Life Cycle Costing.

  • Make cost models for planned and unplanned (failure) corrections;
  • Balance future availability, reliability and costs while managing risks;
  • Predict reliability, performance and cost of your asset portfolio;
  • Choose the right APM strategy which leads to the lowest sustainable cost of ownership;
  • Anticipate on changing market conditions like product demand, or a change of safety regulations by having an agile strategy in place.